Les dejo el vídeo que hice a cerca de mi vida en Tunja durante una semana. Espero que les guste. Si tienen preguntas, escríbemelos!

8 thoughts on “Una semana en Tunja

  1. Enjoyed the video–the people, the landscapes, the buildings, the everyday things. Loved the clips with the little kids, too. And the one with the meat. And the class room clips and the cross fit and the back flips. It’s all wonderful!Love you.

  2. It was fun to watch. I really liked the little kids the best. I got a flavor of what your life is like.
    For some reason, the sound was fluctuating a lot, so I had to keep adjusting the level. Otherwise, very nice!
    P.S. Keep working on the backflips, you are almost there!

    1. Thanks daddio, the sound was out of whack because I’m a horrible videographer. I’m glad you got a flavor of my life here. I hope to have backflips as the thing that I always remember about south america.

  3. Thats awesome. Again I’m so happy for you living your life how u want to. It is so different now than it was knowing u at Z and when u were in college. People ask me all the time, what are u watching, and i love explaining it to them and what ur doing. It just amazes me. Keep on keeping on. Keep it up.


    Bryan Richardson

    1. Bryan,
      So good to hear from you. It means a lot to me that you can get behind what I’m doing, that you see it as a good thing. Thanks for your support! Send the family my saludos!

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